S&N Products Inc.
S&N Products is an Industrial Paint Finishing company that specializes in Masking/Texture Wet Applications with a focus on Plastic Components.

At S&N Products, Constant Quality Control is very important to us. We offer complete conformance and cooperation with registered companies and have technical staff available to work with you.

Types of Materials Available Coatings
• Plastics
• Fiberglass
• Steel (Including Stainless)
• Aluminum
• Etc.
• EMI Shielding (Quality Assurance of Ohm Spec)
• Water Based
• Polane
• Epoxy
• Oven Baked on Powder

Finishes Additional Services
• Textured (Specialized)
• Smooth
• Baked On
• Electrostatic
• Custom Masking
• Special Packaging
• Silk-screening
• Assembly
• Force Dry Oven
• Automated Conveyor Lines
• Pick Up & Delivery (Limited)
• On Site Self Storage Facility


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S&N Products, Inc.
851 North Raddant Road
Batavia, IL 60510
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